How to get the secret key in pokemon platinum after the event

How do you get rotom form without secret key?

Re: Can you get rotom to change form without the secret key

  1. Activate the Mystery Gift through the Jubilife TV station. …
  2. Go to the Mystery gift option on the start menu, while in a Wi-Fi accessible Hotspot.
  3. Select receive from Nintendo WFC.
  4. Go to Any Poke Mart and talk to the person at the edge of the counter.

11 мая 2009 г.

How do you get rotom mow in platinum?


  1. You need to get the item Secret Key that nintendo was giving out on wifi mystery gift, then you got to eterna city, to the team galactic’s building, once inside go to the top left corner and press A, it should open a way to the items you talk to and rotom will transform. …
  2. You need:

Where do I get the key for the galactic Veilstone building?

Once back outside in Veilstone City, it’d be a good idea to heal at the Pokemon Center and save your game. Then, go to the northeast corner of town and enter the main Galactic Headquarters entrance. With the Galactic Key, you can breach the door there to explore a whole new section of the headquarters.20 мая 2016 г.

Where do you find the suite key in Pokemon Platinum?

Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

The Suite Key can be found hidden at the resort at Route 213, near Lake Valor.

Which form of rotom is the best?

Rotom Frost and heat do have nice fire/ice coverage but are set back by stealth rocks. Rotom-C is great at what it does but in general grass isn’t the best offensive typing. Personally I would say Rotom-W is the best. Primarily because of its solid typing and coverage.

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What does the secret key do in Pokemon Platinum?

The Secret Key opens up Rotom’s Room at the Team Galactic Eterna Building in Eterna City after it has been cleared. It contains five appliances necessary for Rotom to change between its six forms. Rowan comes in when the player changes Rotom’s form for the first time, explaining its history.

Is rotom legendary?


Is rotom good platinum?

Rotom is a very potent Ghost-type! I recommend using him! You picked a good form too (Not the best, mind you, but Levitate helps it out. It learns some cool Electric-type moves to slow down opponents, and then some tricky Ghost and Dark-type moves to mess them up while they’re crippled.

Does rotom evolve platinum?

Unlike in Diamond and Pearl, Rotom has the ability to change form. However, this can only be done with the key item called Secret Key, only distributed by Nintendo events. Once the key has been received from the man in the Poké Mart, go to Eterna City.

Where is spear pillar?

Spear Pillar is a location in Sinnoh that first appeared in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and can be found at the top of Mt. Coronet.

Where does the galactic grunt run to?

You catch up with the Galactic grunt who ran away from you just now at Pastoria City. He mumbles about the plan again, and caught you eavesdropping. He then lies again and speeds off to Valor Lakefront.

How do I get through the galactic warehouse?

The door in the warehouse can only be opened by the Storage Key after the player visits Lake Acuity. A Galactic Key found there will also allow the player to access the entire headquarters.

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How do you get the key to galactic warehouse in Pokemon Platinum?


  1. Veilstone City Warehouse, talk to the guard next to the closed gate after beating all 3 lakes and he will drop it. …
  2. ^ That was Diamond/Pearl’s Method. …
  3. Beat the Galactic Admins at the 3 lakes (beat Snowpoint Gym (7th Gym) and know Rock Climb to access Lake Acuity) then talk to the Grunt outside the Veilstone HQ.

Where is the key in Valor Lakefront platinum?

The key can be found by using the Dowsing Machine in the area near the southern exit of the Valor Lakefront. Upon talking to the girl, she will take it back and enter her suite.

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