What to expect at a wwe raw event

How early should you arrive to a WWE event?

Get there an hour early!

The lines weren’t that bad at Allstate Arena for getting in, but merchandise lines are LONG! and it’s a 20-minute wait. I recommend you to get early and go in line because buying it after the show is even more of a pain.

How long does a WWE Raw event last?

WWE RawCamera setupMulti-camera setupRunning time180 minutes (including commercials)Production company(s)WWEDistributorWWE

Can you bring cameras to WWE events?

The following items are prohibited from any WWE event: Video cameras or recording devices. … Camera bags.

Are WWE house shows worth going to?

Yes. They are absolutely worth it. In terms of value for your money, you’re going to spend less at a house show than you would at a TV taping. You’ll sit way closer.

What do you wear to a wrestling show?

You can wear the most casual outfits to wrestling matches. They only time you might see people dressy is at their big PPV events, particularly Wrestlemania. You can wear one of those band t-shirts and fit right in. I would wear a blouse to work that looks good with jeans so you can just change into jeans.

Do WWE wrestlers get vacation?

They can, but you must remember that WWE performers are independent contractors, like truck drivers. If they don’t work, they don’t get paid. So it’s up to them if they want to take time off from the road to relax. They get days off, tho not many, and for most of them, that’s enough.

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What is the difference between WWE live and raw?

RAW is TV taping, were as WWE Live is house-shows which are normally ahead of RAW, they use these to test future feuds out for fan reactions and such.

How much are shirts at WWE events?

They have every AJ Styles shirts for $15 on WWE Shop right now, which is a pretty good deal. That’s the lowest newer designs go for (except occasional BOGO promotions). The older shirts go as low as $10 at least once a month. Even with tax and shipping, it’s about half the price you’d pay at the event.

How long is the average WWE match?

The average length of time for a WWE match is just a matter of minutes. Vince McMahon is a formulaic thinker and the assigning of times to performers is really quite predictable at this point. Televised undercard matches get as little as three minutes, with main event matches getting around ten to fifteen.

Is WWE kid friendly?

OF COURSE the show should be kid friendly, because the company has been telling everyone the show is kid friendly for years and years. … WWE, all of its programming, its performers, its live shows, and its merchandise are all directly marketed to children. It’s not incidental.

What time do the doors open for Smackdown?

Doors open at 3:15 p.m. Event is scheduled to begin at 4:45 p.m. Bags must be clear and not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12″ in dimension or be a small clutch purse no larger than 5.0″ x 8.0″ to be allowed in. All bags will be subject to search upon entry into SAP Center.

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What time do doors open for Royal Rumble?

Doors open at 3:00 p.m. and the event starts at 5:00 p.m. Tickets are still available, and you can purchase them at mpv.tickets.com. WWE Royal Rumble is a clear bag only event.

Is WWE Raw live or taped?

WWE is contractually obligated to air a certain amount of Raw, SmackDown and NXT episodes live per year, and it is reportedly not permitted to air more than three taped episodes of Raw per year on USA Network. … Per Raimondi, Monday’s episode of Raw will mark WWE’s return to live shows.

How long is SmackDown live in person?

120 minutes

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