What is an inaugural event

What do you mean by inaugural?

noun. an address, as of a president, at the beginning of a term of office. an inaugural ceremony: to attend the presidential inaugural.

How do you use the word inaugural?

Inaugural in a Sentence

  1. During his inaugural speech, the new president discussed the things he planned to do during his first few days in the White House. …
  2. At the inaugural ball, the guests celebrated the incoming political party in its very first moments in power.

What is inaugural function?

An inaugural is a ceremony inducting someone into a new position, especially the President. This word has to do with ceremonies and firsts: an inaugural or inaugural address is the first speech made by a President at a ceremony also called the inauguration. …

What is an example of inauguration?

People waiting to see the inauguration of an American president. An example of inauguration is when a restaurant tries a new menu for the very first time. … An example of an inauguration is when the power is handed over to the new president of the United States.

Does inaugural mean first?

The definition of inaugural is the first or a celebration of a president taking office. An example of something inaugural is the first charity event of an organization. An example of something inaugural is a ball for the newly-elected president.

What is another word for inaugural?

What is another word for inaugural?baptisminaugurationinductioninitiationinstallationinstallmentUSinstalmentUKinvestitureinvestmentadmission

What is the opposite of inaugural?

What is the opposite of inaugural?completionconclusionterminationcloserejectionblackballingdemiseadjournmentdismissalwinding up

What comes after inaugural?

A first time event is its “Inaugural” event. If you have a second one, the following year, with plans for future ones in subsequent years… then and only then can you accurately describe it as the 2nd (or mores) Annual whatever.

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How do you say first ever?

First-ever Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for first-ever?first-generationfirst-genoriginalfirstfundamentalinitialintroductorypioneerprimitiveprimordial

What is the main purpose of JFK’s inaugural address?

His inaugural address encompassed the major themes of his campaign and would define his presidency during a time of economic prosperity, emerging social changes, and diplomatic challenges. This inauguration was the first in which a poet, Robert Frost, participated in the program.

What is the purpose of Obama’s inaugural speech?

The central theme of President Obama’s inaugural address was a call to restore responsibility—both in terms of accountability in Washington and the responsibility of ordinary people to get involved. Obama’s address did not have memorable sound bite phrases.

Why is the inaugural address important?

For that reason the first inaugural address is an exceptionally important speech. … Each new President hopes to use his first words as President to capture the moment, chart a new course, and galvanize the country.

What does embodied mean?

verb (used with object), em·bod·ied, em·bod·y·ing. to give a concrete form to; express, personify, or exemplify in concrete form: to embody an idea in an allegorical painting. to provide with a body; incarnate; make corporeal: to embody a spirit. to collect into or include in a body; organize; incorporate.

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