What happens during an el nino event

What is an El Nino event?

The term El Niño refers to the large-scale ocean-atmosphere climate interaction linked to a periodic warming in sea surface temperatures across the central and east-central Equatorial Pacific. Typical El Niño effects are likely to develop over North America during the upcoming winter season.

What happens during a La Nina event?

La Niña is a weather pattern that occurs in the Pacific Ocean. In this pattern, strong winds blow warm water at the ocean’s surface from South America to Indonesia. As the warm water moves west, cold water from the deep rises to the surface near the coast of South America.

What are the effects of an El Nino event?

Severe drought and associated food insecurity, flooding, rains, and temperature rises due to El Niño are causing a wide range of health problems, including disease outbreaks, malnutrition, heat stress and respiratory diseases.

What causes El Nino and what happens during this event?

During an El Niño event, westward-blowing trade winds weaken along the Equator. These changes in air pressure and wind speed cause warm surface water to move eastward along the Equator, from the western Pacific to the coast of northern South America.

Is this an El Nino year 2020?

August 2020

The El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) status in the tropical Pacific remains neutral, signifying that neither El Niño nor La Niña is currently occurring. However, since May both surface and sub-surface waters in the region have leaned to below average.

What causes an El Nino?

El Nino is essentially caused by the interaction between the surface layers of the tropical Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere over it. The water is warmer due to the trade winds reversing direction or becoming less intense. … In extreme conditions that can bring hurricanes, typhoons and very cold weather.

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Is La Nina wet or dry?

Where El Niño is wet, La Niña is dry. While El Niño conditions and their seasonal impacts look very different from normal, La Niña conditions often bring winters that are typical — only more so.

Does La Nina cause drought?

In the United States, for example, La Niña occurs for at least five months of La Niña conditions. … A usual, La Niña winter features drier and milder conditions across the Southern hemisphere. This causes elevated fire conditions and the Southeast drought conditions.

What is La Nina in simple terms?

La Niña is a climate pattern that describes the cooling of surface ocean waters along the tropical west coast of South America. La Nina is considered to be the counterpart to El Nino, which is characterized by unusually warm ocean temperatures in the equatorial region of the Pacific Ocean.

What areas does El Nino effect?

El Niño is a climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean with a global impact on weather patterns. The cycle begins when warm water in the western tropical Pacific Ocean shifts eastward along the equator toward the coast of South America. Normally, this warm water pools near Indonesia and the Philippines.

How does El Nino affect human health?

El Nino and epidemic diseases

The El Nino cycle is associated with increased risks of some of the diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, such as malaria, dengue and Rift Valley fever. Malaria transmission is particularly sensitive to weather conditions.

Is El Nino caused by humans?

As humans put more and more heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere, the Earth warms. And the warming is causing changes that might surprise us. The ocean waters switch back and forth between El Niño and La Niña every few years. …

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What should we do before El Nino?

Nine Steps to Prepare for El Niño

  • Preparedness Kit. Make sure your preparedness kit includes flashlights, batteries, cash and first aid supplies. …
  • Emergency Apps. Make sure you and your phone are prepared for an emergency or an outage. …
  • Inspect Your Car. …
  • Prepare Your Home. …
  • Trees and Vegetation. …
  • Watch for Downed Wires. …
  • Use a Flashlight. …
  • Watch Traffic Signals.

How is El Nino identified?

Recognizing El Niño

El Niño can be seen in measurements of the sea surface temperature, such as those shown in the column to the right, which were made from the TAO Array of moored buoys.

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