What famous event happened today

What famous event happened on this day in history?

Important Events From This day in History. 1982 : Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly) dies today due to injuries sustained in a car crash yesterday. 1901 : William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States died on this day.

What is today’s date special?

Today’s date – 02/02/2020 – reads the same in both the systems. Expectedly, it sparked all sorts of reactions on social media – especially Twitter. Here’s what people tweeted: Today it’s a palindrome date, that is, you can freely read it from left or right without changing anything.

What is the significance of today?

Today is the most important day of your life. It is the recognition that every opportunity you have tomorrow is determined by your intention, purpose, and skill today. People tend to romanticize the past and dream of the future. It leaves them caught between a past that controls them and future that avoids them.

What happened 111 years ago today?

111 years ago today Orville Wright became the first man to achieve powered flight. His first 12-second flight, covering only 120 feet, changed the course of mankind.

What happened today in history in India?

What Happened Today 14 September In Indian History , Today In Indian HistoryDateEvents14 – September – 1774Bentik, first Governor General of India, was born.14 – September – 1803Lord Lake was captured Delhi.14 – September – 1820Agri-Horticultural Garden of Calcutta started functioning.

What major event happened in 1995?

Top 10 Most Memorable Events of 1995 – YouTube

  • The Tokyo Subway Sarin Attacks March 20, 1,995. [03:12]
  • The Bosnian Civil War Ends December 14, 1,995. [04:29]
  • The Premiere of ‘Toy Story’ November 19, 1,995. [06:03]
  • The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin November 4, 1,995. [07:10]
  • The OJ Simpson Murder Case. [10:02]
  • Windows 95 Is Launched. [11:10]
  • The Oklahoma City Bombing April 19, 1,995. [13:00]
  • NERD. [14:48]
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What is today Chocolate Day?

Every year, on the 7th of July, World Chocolate Day is celebrated globally. Until 2009, it was celebrated on July 9 as on this day, the chocolate was discovered in Europe in 1550. Then, it spread to the world. This day is celebrated by consuming chocolate and sending it your loved ones.

What is the most famous date in history?

  • Jan. 1, 1915: NYC’s first female cabbie gets behind the wheel.
  • Feb. …
  • March 11, 1989: ‘Cops’ premieres.
  • April 5, 1614: Pocahontas marries John Rolfe.
  • May 5, 1862: Cinco de Mayo becomes a holiday.
  • June 10, 1752: Yosemite is named as the first US national park.
  • July 10, 1925: Evolution is debated in the courtroom.
  • Aug.

Is today is a Friendship Day?

On the first Sunday in August, National Friendship Day encourages people across the country and world to connect with friends. Make a new friend or reconnect with an old one.

Why is April 20 a bad day?

But April 20 was a strange day well before marijuana became the focus. First and foremost, it’s Adolf Hitler’s birthday; the Nazi leader was born April 20, 1889. … On April 20, 1914, a strike by Colorado coal miners turned deadly when militiamen killed men, women and children.

Is National Hug Day today?

National Hugging Day – January 21, 2020.

Is today Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is not a public holiday. It falls on Sunday, June 20, 2021 and most businesses follow regular Sunday opening hours in the United States. Father’s Day is a day for fathers and father-like figures.

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What happened 40 years ago?

Anti-war militants attempt to disrupt government business in Washington (May 3)—police and military units arrest as many as 12,000; most are later released. Pentagon Papers published (June). Twenty-sixth Amendment to U.S. Constitution lowers voting age to 18. UN seats Communist China and expels Nationalist China (Oct.

What happened 60 years ago?

What happened in 1960 Major News Stories include US Enters Vietnam War, The IRA starts it’s fight against the British, John F Kennedy wins presidential Election , Chubby Chequer and The twist start a new dance craze, Soviet missile shoots down the US U2 spy plane, Aluminum Cans used for the first time, The US announces …

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