What event (or events) mainly caused the fall of the british empire?

What was the main reason for the British Empire?

This was the main reason for why Britain wanted an empire like every other country. They wanted a better economy. Money, first and foremost. They wanted to get more money by stealing, taxing, trade and business.

When did the British Empire collapse?


Why is the British Empire so controversial?

Some Britons may also feel – in my personal opinion, wrongly – that the negative side of the Empire’s record is of little significance compared to its achievements. In other words, the British Empire is inevitably controversial both because of its genuine ongoing legacy and because it involves debates about values.

How many did the British Empire kill?

1 million people

What was the biggest empire ever?

The Mongol Empire

Did Britain rule the world?

All areas of the world that were ever part of the British Empire. The British Empire comprised the dominions, colonies, protectorates, mandates, and other territories ruled or administered by the United Kingdom and its predecessor states. …

Which empire killed the most?

The British Empire

Is Canada still a British colony?

As a British dominion, the united provinces were no longer a colony, and Canada was free to act like its own country with its own laws and parliament. … However, it was still under British rule and did not have full legal autonomy.

What would happen if the British Empire was reunited today?

If the British Empire was reunited she would be Queen in 64. A new empire would be 146 times larger than the UK in 2017 and have 40 times the population with 2.643 billion residents – 37 per cent of the world’s people. … Today the British Empire would have the largest military in the world.

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How long did the British Empire last?

Others say the start date should be the 1490s, while other historians date the empire from the early 1600s. The end of the empire came in the years after World War 2, with most of Britain’s colonies ruling themselves independently by the late 1960s.

What was the worst empire in history?

Top Ten Most Brutal Empires In History

  • Mongol Empire. I think Mongol Empire wasn’t brutal at all. …
  • British Empire. Genocidal Britain == Jeffrey Dahmer amongst nations. …
  • Japanese Empire. …
  • Nazi Germany. …
  • Assyrian Empire. …
  • Ottoman Empire. …
  • Belgian Empire. …
  • Timurid Empire.

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