What event begins the sporophyte phase of the life cycle

What happens during the Sporophyte stage of a plant’s life cycle?

In the sporophyte phase a diploid (having two sets of chromosomes) plant body grows and eventually produces spores through meiosis. These spores divide mitotically to produce haploid (having a single set of chromosomes) gamete-producing bodies called gametophytes.

What process starts the Sporophyte generation?

In animals, meiosis generates the haploid gametes — sperm and eggs — directly. … In due course, this multicellular structure produces gametes — by mitosis — and sexual reproduction then produces the diploid sporophyte generation. The sporophyte generation thus starts with a zygote.

What is the Sporophyte phase?

A sporophyte (/spɔːroʊˌfaɪt/) is the diploid multicellular stage in the life cycle of a plant or alga. It develops from the zygote produced when a haploid egg cell is fertilized by a haploid sperm and each sporophyte cell therefore has a double set of chromosomes, one set from each parent.

What is the purpose of the Sporophyte stage?

The basic function of the sporophyte is to create spores – that much is known already. The spores, in turn, produce the gametophytes that give rise to the male and female gametes through the process of meiosis. Meiosis is the type of cell division that reduces the number of chromosomes in half.

What comes first Gametophyte or Sporophyte?

Plants have two distinct stages in their lifecycle: the gametophyte stage and the sporophyte stage. … After reaching maturity, the diploid sporophyte produces spores by meiosis, which in turn divide by mitosis to produce the haploid gametophyte. The new gametophyte produces gametes, and the cycle continues.

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What are the stages of a plant life cycle?

The major stages of the flower life cycle are the seed, germination, growth, reproduction, pollination, and seed spreading stages. The plant life cycle starts with a seed; every seed holds a miniature plant called the embryo.

What’s the difference between Sporophyte and Gametophyte?

The cells of gametophyte are always haploid or have single genomes or one set of chromosomes. … Sporophyte: It is a multicellular structure or generation in the life cycle of a plant which possess diploid cells or cells which two genomes or two sets of chromosomes.

How can you tell the difference between Sporophyte and Gametophyte?

The multicellular diploid plant structure is called the sporophyte, which produces spores through meiotic (asexual) division. The multicellular haploid plant structure is called the gametophyte, which is formed from the spore and give rise to the haploid gametes.

Is a flower a Sporophyte or Gametophyte?

The flower in Figure above is obviously an innovation in the angiosperm life cycle. Flowers form on the dominant sporophyte plant. They consist of highly specialized male and female reproductive organs. Flowers produce spores that develop into gametophytes.

What is the Sporophyte of a pine?

Life Cycle of a Conifer

Pine trees are conifers (cone bearing) and carry both male and female sporophylls on the same mature sporophyte. Therefore, they are monoecious plants. Like all gymnosperms, pines are heterosporous, generating two different types of spores: male microspores and female megaspores.

What is the first cell of a Sporophyte generation called?


What is Gametophytic phase?

Gametophyte, in plants and certain algae, the sexual phase (or an individual representing the phase) in the alternation of generations—a phenomenon in which two distinct phases occur in the life history of the organism, each phase producing the other. The nonsexual phase is the sporophyte.

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What do Sporophytes make after meiosis is complete?

Gametophytes grow gametes upon maturation and unite and eventually fertilize to form zygotes. Sporophytes, on the other hand, mature and undergo meiosis that would eventually release haploid spores. Therefore, the answer is C. spores.

Are fungi Gametophyte dominant?

In bryophytes, such as mosses and liverworts, the gametophyte is the dominant life phase, whereas in angiosperms and gymnosperms the sporophyte is dominant. The haploid phase is also dominant among fungi.

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