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Destress Your Event Planning

We know that most people never host more than a dozen guests in their homes at one time. We also understand the idea of putting together a party or other event for hundreds of folks can feel completely overwhelming. With so many decisions to make, where should you even begin?

Catering and Event Venue Ashland OhioIt all starts by sharing your dream with us. We get to know you and all about your event. We'll ideate about bringing your party to life at a price you can afford — without skimping on quality or any of the details that you have your heart set on. From the first consultation to the final goodbyes, we are here to listen to you. Tell us what you're wanting, and we'll figure out exactly how to make it happen.

Lacking Inspiration? 

Our event coordinator has you covered. Trust our years of experience in catering to smooth out any bumps in the road and come up with the perfect, customized solutions for you, whether it's a special seating arrangement or a menu that makes all of your guests swoon.







Why Choose Pump House? 

When you choose the Pump House Catering & Event Center, our goal is to make your event all about you! Everything we do is designed to help your personality and tastes shine through — in fact, if we're doing it right, you and your guests won't even notice that we're there.

We do the work and planning so you don't have to worry about a thing. We'll sit down with you — relaxed and not rushed — to taste the food, look around the venue and work out all the details.

Meet Our Staff

We're True to Our Hometown of Ashland, Ohio

We're proud to call Ashland our home, and we love serving our neighbors. As a local small business owner, we understand the value of community and strive to care for community through our business.

We believe in bringing beautiful events to life right here in Ohio, and we're ready to serve you. We treat all of our clients like members of the family — a difference you'll feel from the moment you walk in the door.

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